Lambda DNA/EcoR I + Hind III Marker from Bioneer

Ready-to-load Lambda DNA/EcoR I + Hind III Marker ranging from 125 to 21,226 bp. Wide range of DNA Ladders and Molecular Weight Markers

Ordering Information

Lambda DNA / EcoR I + Hind III Markers는 Lambda DNA를 제한효소 EcoR I과 Hind III로 절단한 후 phenol 정제를 통하여 제한효소를 제거 시켰습니다. EcoR I과 Hind III digestion에 의해 13개의 double strand DNA fragments가 나타나며, size range는 125 ~ 21,226 bp 입니다.

Features and Benefits

Ready to load: convenient
Easy-to-Identify reference bands: Easy-to-read results


The DNA marker can be applied directly onto an agarose gel.
The cohesive ends (indicated by an * in the picture above) of the 12 nt cos site of bacteriophage lambda may anneal and form an additional band. These fragments can be separated by heating at 60 - 65°C for 5 minutes and then cooling on ice for 3 minutes.