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Flexible, versatile laboratory automation to maximize productivity in daily sample preparation

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ExiPrep™ 16 Pro

Essential Reproducibility, Enhanced Reliability, Excellent Results
ExiPrep 16 Pro

ExiPrep 16 Pro is a flexible laboratory automation system able to purify high yields of DNA or RNA from various clinical samples including whole blood, serum, plasma, collection swabs, urine etc.

ExiPrep 16 Pro can handle from 1 to 16 samples at once and features optimized extraction protocols and high quality kits for every clinical sample. In addition, the automatic sample loading capability enables true pipette-free operation, as the extracted samples can be loaded directly into the ExiStation™qPCR based molecular diagnostic kits* without human intervention. A built-in cooling block will keep the samples at ~10°C for as long as necessary, ensuring the integrity of your samples. ExiPrep 16 Pro is also designed to eliminate any possibility of cross-contamination through the use of a patented contamination shield and automatic UV sterilization cycle after each run. With these outstanding features as well as dedicated high-quality reagents and kits, you can trust ExiPrep 16 Pro to provide reproducible results run after run.

Several ExiPrep 16 Pro units can be operated in parallel with the TCP/IP network capability, and, combined with the Exicycler™ 96 Real-Time Thermal Cycler, our ExiStation™molecular diagnostic platform* can be set up.

* ExiStation™ and ExiStation™ Diagnostic kits are not available in for sale in North America at this time.

Features and Benefits

Combined heating/.magnetic block: Increases elution efficiency and results in higher yields
High and reproducible yields of DNA and RNA: Better yields for more sensitive diagnostics
No Pipetting from sample prep to qPCR setup: Eliminates user error during these critical steps
Contamination shield: Eliminates the possibility of intra-assay cross-contamination
UV sterilization cycle after each run: Eliminates the possibility of inter-assay cross-contamination
TCP/IP network capability: Enables set-up of the ExiStation™molecular diagnostic platform

• Ease-of-use With a Touchscreen and TCP/IP Network Capability
newsfigure3 The responsive 3.5 inch touchscreen enables simple instrument operation. From selecting sample-optimized protocols to turning the UV sterilization lamp on and off, the touchscreen is designed for optimal workflow. During instrument operation, the touchscreen will give real-time feedback on the progress of the extraction, maximizing user convenience. Furthermore, ExiPrep 16 Pro units can be operated in parallel with its TCP/IP network capability, and with the Exicycler 96 Real-Time Quantitative Thermal Block, the centrally controlled, molecular diagnostic system ExiStation can be set up.


• Target- and Source-optimized Extraction Protocols
newsfigure4 ExiPrep 16 Pro contains over 900 extraction protocols, each optimized for target nucleic acid type and source clinical sample. This optimization enables the user to obtain reproducible results for every run, every day. The instrument software can also be upgraded through the network connection port so you can stay up-to-date with the best performing protocols

• Automatic UV Sterilization Lamp
newsfigure5 The ExiPrep 16 Pro has a powerful UV sterilization lamp that enables the user to sterilize the instrument chamber before and/or after each run. This prevents inter-assay contamination worries, while also removing concerns of user infection from potentially contagious clinical samples

• Contamination Shield
newsfigure6 The ExiPrep 16 Pro comes with a contamination shield designed to protect the assay from cross-contamination during instrument operation. Any time the pipette tips are moving, the contamination shield will slide under the tips, therefore eliminating the possibility of intra-assay cross-contamination which is a must when working with multiple samples.

• Cooling Block to Preserve Extracted Samples
The ExiPrep 16 Pro has a built-in cooling block to preserve the extracted nucleic acids and molecular diagnostic kit tubes at a stable 4oC for as long as the user requires.

• Combined Magnetic/Heating Block
To increase extraction efficiency, the ExiPrep 16 Pro has an integrated combined magnetic/heating block. The combination of bead magnetization and sample heating reduces experiment time and increases elution efficiency, resulting in increased sample yield. (Patent pending)

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