Fully automated nucleic acid extraction system, compact and powerful combined vortexer-microcentrifuge and more, from Bioneer

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Innovative Instruments Bioneer offers a range of instruments with unique features to maximize your efficiency at the bench and improve your workflow. We will be adding new instruments regularly, so please check back to see the latest.

ExiPrep™ 16 Pro (*NEW*)

Essential Reproducibility, Enhanced Reliability, Excellent Results

ExiPrep 16 Pro is an automated nucleic acid extraction instrument able to extract high yields of DNA or RNA from various clinical samples including whole blood, serum, plasma, collection swabs, urine etc.

ExiPrep 16 Pro can handle from 1 to 16 samples at once, and features optimized extraction protocols for every clinical and research sample. In addition, the automatic sample loading capability enables true pipette-free operation, as the extracted samples can be loaded directly into molecular diagnostic kits* without human intervention. A built-in cooling block will keep the samples at ~4°C for as long as necessary, ensuring the integrity of your samples. You can trust ExiPrep 16 Pro to provide reproducible results run after run.

Several ExiPrep 16 Pro units can be operated in parallel with the TCP/IP network capability, and, combined with the Exicycler™ 96 Real-Time Thermal Cycler, our molecular diagnostic, ExiStation™ platform can be set up*. ExiPrep 16 Pro is designed to eliminate any possibility of cross-contamination through the use of a patented contamination shield and automatic UV sterilization cycles after each run.

(*Note: ExiStation not available in North America at this time)

ExiPrep™ 16 Plus (*NEW*)

Essential Functionality, Enhanced Performance, Extraordinary Results

ExiPrep™ 16 Plus is an automated nucleic acid extraction instrument able to extract DNA or RNA from various biological samples including tissue, cell culture, whole blood, serum, plasma, swab , Bacteria, yeast, etc. It also features the ability to purify His-tag recombinant proteins. ExiPrep™ 16 Plus can handle up to 16 samples at once and includes optimized extraction protocols for many sample types so you get the unsurpassed results from your nucleic acid or protein purification. The ExiPrep™ 16 Plus has advanced features such as an intuitive touch screen a UV sterilization cycle and a unique contamination shield, each designed to provide an extra level of confidence in your results.


A compact, combination Vortex/Centrifuge that automates labor intensive mixing & spin-down.

ExiSpin has the functions of a vortexer as well as a microcentrifuge and will significantly save you time in the lab. ExiSpin comes complete with rotors for 4 x 8-strip tubes and 12 x 1.5/2.0 ml tubes. Use it for Minipreps, to resuspend oligos, set up you PCR reactions, or any task that requires vortexing in micro test tube or 0.2 ml PCR tubes.

Once you try the ExiSpin, you will find it an essential instrument for you laboratory. Contact your local sales representative for a demo today!