AccuTarget™ Premade siRNA Sets from Bioneer

siRNA libraries organized by gene family and function. 25 standard siRNA
libraries and 21 fully validated siRNA libraries are available

Ordering Information

Bioneer는 즉시 실험에 사용할 수 있도록 제작된25,368 개의 siRNA로 이루어진AccuTarget™ premade human siRNA Library를 제공합니다. 이러한 Premade siRNA Library는 10, 20, 50또는 100 nmole guaranteed yield 로 주문가능 합니다. 또한 다양한cellular processes, 암, 질병 관련 연구목적의 25개 Pathway 별siRNA library set를 제공합니다. 이러한 siRNA는 0.1, 0.25, 0.5, 1 nmole guaranteed yield 로 주문가능 합니다. 또한 Bioneer는 높은 knockdown 효능이 검증된 21개의 Pre-validated library를 제공합니다. Pre-validated siRNA Library는 10, 20, 50, 또는 100 nmole guaranteed yield로 주문하실 수 있습니다.

siRNA Set

Bioneer는 다양한cellular processes, 암, 질병관련 연구목적의 25개 Gene family 및 Pathway 별siRNA library set를 제공합니다. 이러한 siRNA는 0.1, 0.25, 0.5, 1 nmole guaranteed yield 로 주문가능 합니다

Cat. No. Description No. of Genes No. of siRNAs  Price
SHS-0010 AccuTarget™ Human Antioxidant siRNA set 38 114 Inquire
SHS-0020 AccuTarget™ Human Apoptosis siRNA set 290 870 Inquire
SHS-0250 AccuTarget™ Human Cancer siRNA set 1157 3471 Inquire
SHS-0030 AccuTarget™ Human Caspase siRNA set 37 111 Inquire
SHS-0040 AccuTarget™ Human Cell cycle siRNA set 112 336 Inquire
SHS-0050 AccuTarget™ Human Cyclase siRNA set 21 63 Inquire
SHS-0060 AccuTarget™ Human Cytochrome P450 siRNA set 52 156 Inquire
SHS-0070 AccuTarget™ Human Deaminase siRNA set 22 66 Inquire
SHS-0080 AccuTarget™ Human GPCR signaling pathway siRNA set 727 2181 Inquire
SHS-0090 AccuTarget™ Human Helicase siRNA set 114 342 Inquire
SHS-0100 AccuTarget™ Human Isomerase siRNA set 104 312 Inquire
SHS-0110 AccuTarget™ Human Kinase siRNA set 699 2097 Inquire
SHS-0120 AccuTarget™ Human Ligase siRNA set 272 816 Inquire
SHS-0130 AccuTarget™ Human Lyase siRNA set 123 369 Inquire
SHS-0140 AccuTarget™ Human Motor siRNA set 122 366 Inquire
SHS-0150 AccuTarget™ Human NF-kB pathway siRNA set 37 111 Inquire
SHS-0160 AccuTarget™ Human Nucleic acid binding siRNA set 2573 7719 Inquire
SHS-0170 AccuTarget™ Human Oxidoreductase siRNA set 551 1653 Inquire
SHS-0180 AccuTarget™ Human Peptidase siRNA set 491 1473 Inquire
SHS-0190 AccuTarget™ Human Phosphatase siRNA set 188 564 Inquire
SHS-0200 AccuTarget™ Human Receptor siRNA set 1516 4548 Inquire
SHS-0210 AccuTarget™ Human Transferase siRNA set 1428 4284 Inquire
SHS-0220 AccuTarget™ Human Transporter siRNA set 1021 3063 Inquire
SHS-0230 AccuTarget™ Human Tubulin siRNA set 20 60 Inquire
SHS-0240 AccuTarget™ Human Ubiquitin siRNA set 77 231 Inquire

siRNA Subset

siRNA subset library는 Kinase 또는 Phosphatase library의 functional family subset입니다 .이러한 siRNA는 0.1, 0.25, 0.5, 1 nmole guaranteed yield 로 주문가능 합니다

Cat. No. Description No. of Genes No. of siRNAs
SHS-0110-1 AccuTarget™Human AGC Kinase siRNA Subset 58 174 Inquire
SHS-0110-2 AccuTarget™Human CAMK Kinase siRNA Subset 65 195 Inquire
SHS-0110-3 AccuTarget™Human CK Kinase siRNA Subset 11 33 Inquire
SHS-0110-4 AccuTarget™Human CMGC Kinase siRNA Subset 56 168 Inquire
SHS-0110-5 AccuTarget™Human Other Kinase siRNA Subset 342 1026 Inquire
SHS-0110-6 AccuTarget™Human STE Kinase siRNA Subset 43 129 Inquire
SHS-0110-7 AccuTarget™Human TK Kinase siRNA Subset 84 252 Inquire
SHS-0110-8 AccuTarget™Human TKL Kinase siRNA Subset 40 120 Inquire
SHS-0190-1 AccuTarget™Human Other Phosphatase siRNA Subset 147 441 Inquire
SHS-0190-2 AccuTarget™Human Tyrosine Phosphatase siRNA Subset 41 123 Inquire

siRNA Druggable Set

0.1, 0.25, 0.5, 1 nmole guaranteed yield 로 주문 가능 합니다.

Cat. No. Description No. of Genes No. of siRNAs
SHD-00XX AccuTarget™Human Druggable siRNA library set 8175 24,525 Inquire