MagListo™ Protein A Kit (20 reactions)

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Features and Benefits

  • Fast Binding: 강력한 자성력은 bead의 빠른 회수율로 실험을 보다 빠르고 손실 없이 진행할 수 있습니다. 
  • Large Surface Area: 평균직경 400 nm의 magnetic nanobead는 표면적이 넓고 결합력이 우수하여 높은 binding capacity를 보장합니다.
  • Specificity:균일한 구형의 nanobead로 비특이적 결합을 감소시켰습니다.

Kit Components

    Kit components Cat. No. K-7720
    AccuNanoBead™ Protein A Magnetic NanoBeads 1 ml x 1 ea (4%)
    Binding & Washing Buffer 20 ml x 2 ea
    Elution Buffer 1 ml
    Neutralization Buffer 1 ml
    Manual 1 ea


    Feature Specification
    Matrix Silica-coated Fe3O4
    Concentration 40 mg/ml (4% suspension)
    Max. Binding Capacity > 20 μg Human IgG/mg beads sample
    Storage and Stability Beads can be stored at 2~8°C until the expiration date. Do not freeze and vortex vigorously.


    Antibody purification, Antigen purification, Immunoprecipitation, Protein-protein interaction, and Cell separation etc.

    Experimental Data

    Fig 1. IgG purification from plasma with AccuNanoBeadTM Protein A Magnetic NanoBead and Competitor D.

    Eluted fraction after binding of Human IgG followed by washing through Protein A magnetic bead from Bioneer

    (AccuNanoBeadTM Protein A Magnetic NanoBeads) or from a competitor D.

    Upper and lower bands are heavy (HC) and light chain (LC) of purified Human IgG in SDS-PAGE gel, respectively. 




    Quality Assurance

    Bioneer is the holder of Quality Management System Certificates for the following standards.

    • ISO 9001 – certificate

    Cat. No. Product Description Price
    K-7720 MagListo™ Protein A Kit, 1 x 1 mL ₩210,000

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