AccuNanoBead™ NH2 Magnetic Beads, size 400 nm (0.5 g/25 ml)

Magnetic Beads는 세포실험이나 DNA정제에서부터 질병의 관찰을 위한 소재로도 사용되고, 또한 직접적인 치료를 위한 소재로도 사용이 가능하다. 본 AccuNanoBead는 크기가 나노이기 때문에 상대적으로 표면적이 넓어서, 높은 Binding Capacity를 보이는 장점이 있다.
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 Magnetic Protein Purification
 Magnetic Biosimilar Separation
 Magnetic Antibody Separation

FE-SEM and TEM Images of Magnetic Nanobeads

Figure 1

Figure 1. FE-SEM image of Magnetic Nanobeads; SEM images show that Magnetic Nanobeads are sphere shape.

EDS Analysis of Magnetic Nanobeads

Figure 2

Figure 2. EDS analysis result of Magnetic Nanobeads; EDS shows that Magnetic Nanobeads are composed of silica and Iron oxide.

Size Distribution of Magnetic Nanobeads

Figure 3

Figure 3. Size distribution diagram of silica magnetic nanobeads. The average size of magnetic beads is approximately 400 nm.

Protein Purification Method by using Magnetic Nanobeads

First, load the protein sample to tube and then put Magnetic Nanobeads to combine protein sample together with Magnetic Nanobeads. Fix Magnetic Nanobeads with external Magnetic field to wash the solution and then elute protein from Magnetic Nanobeads. Using Magnetic Nanobeads to use in purification is much faster to separate protein compare to an existing method.

Figure 4

Figure 4. Recombinant Protein and Antibody protein purification protocol by Magnetic Nanobeads.

Comparison of Protein Purification Beads

Figure 5

Figure 5. (a) SEM image of 400 nm Bioneer magnetic nanobeads, (b) SEM image of A company magnetic beads, (c) SEM image of B company magnetic beads, (d) SEM image of C company magnetic beads, (e) SEM image of D company magnetic beads Figure 5 shows scanning electron microscope images of Bioneer magnetic nanobeads and different company magnetic beads(b~e). Scanning electron microscope image of synthesized magnetic nanobeads shows that magnetic nanobeads of Bioneer is 400 nm size and spherical shape. And different company magnetic beads are micro meter size and various shape.

Comparison of Protein Purification Yield

The protein purification yields of Bioneer Ni-NTA magnetic nanobeads and other company magnetic beads are listed in Table 1. These results indicate that the purification yield of Bioneer Magnetic beads is higher than that of four different company magnetic beads. In addition, purity of protein purification was more than 90%. His-Tagged DNA Polymerase protein of the 97 kDa expressed in E. coli was used in experiment. Purification yield is amount of purified target protein from loading protein. Bioneer magnetic nanobeads represents the highest purification yield compared with that of four different company magnetic beads because the surface area of magnetic beads is increased due to the size effect.

Table 1

Table 1. Comparison of protein purification yield of bioneer beads and other company beads.

Figure 6

Figure 6. Comparison of elution protein of bioneer beads and other company beads.

Figure 7

Figure 7. SDS-PAGE image of purified 94 kDa DNA Polymerase with Bioneer magnetic Nanobeads.

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